The Handkerchief Pendant Light

The Handkerchief Pendant Light

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These lovely handmade pendant lights add a nice glow to any room! Our drapery-slumping technique ensures that every pendant light comes out of the kiln with bends and folds that are slightly unique from every other, yet they can be used in groups to make delightful clusters!

Each Handkerchief Pendant Light measures approximately 5” tall and 7” wide, and has a 1 ⅝” mounting hole for standard pendant light fixtures. Fixtures are available in black or white, and configured for hanging, or in-wall wiring for an additional charge. Hanging fixtures come with a 15 foot cord, plug, and in-line on/off switch. In-wall wiring fixtures have an 8 foot cord and canopy.

These pendant lights are frosted on the inside and glossy on the exterior, and will accept any standard A19 light bulb or smaller (LED or compact fluorescent only please).

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