Rust Land Series: N2A

Rust Land Series: N2A



The N2A design is inspired by the former Westinghouse factory complex in Turtle Creek, PA. In this complex, the Westinghouse Electric Corporation developed the AC power grid as well as the power generators for the Hoover Dam. The image was created from a photo I took of a rust stain on a old downspout. This particular composition--rust dripping down an old downspout--evokes the larger decay within the weathered factory yet is uniquely beautiful in its pattern and imagery.

My Rust Lands series of glass designs is an ongoing meditation on Pittsburgh's former industrial past and the physical remnants of the steel industry. Specifically, I am interested in how the contours of the past shape present day Pittsburgh and its broader identity. Through working in the former Westinghouse factory complex in Turtle Creek and surveying the regional infrastructure, I am discovering and exploring the rich and multivaried textures of the decayed industrial landscape used in this series.

The piece securely mounts to any wall with the attached Z clip hanging system. Price includes shipping within the US.

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